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Related article: Old Time Coach Driving 340 The Lament of an Old Hound 347 Cricket— " Bar One " 348 Verapamil Er 240 Mg Count de Berteux 350 Country Parsons 353 The Sportsman's Library 359 Our Prospective Racing- Yacht 361 The Royal Buckhounds 365 The Gauntlet 367 " Our Van":— The National Hunt at Melton Mow- bray 369 Lincoln Spring Meeting 371 PAOB Liverpool Spring Meeting 373 Eastertide Racing 375 The late Mr. E. J. Thomewill 375 The late Captain Douglas Lane 376 Hunting 376 Mr. Garth's Country 376 Lord Rothschild's 376 The Vine 377 The Fitzwilliam 377 Transdermal Verapamil Gel Presentation to Sir Gilbert Greenall 377 Polo— The Opening of the Season 377 Ireland 380 Spring Field Trials 385 The New Cricket Season 386 Death of Mr. E. W. Bastard 388 Sport at the Universities 388 Golf 391 "The Wilderness" at St. James's Theatre 391 Sporting Intelligence. — March — April 392 WITH Steel engraved portrait of Mr. Lionel Charles Hamilton Palairet. Portraits of Count de Berteux, Mr. William Bragg, Mr. T. Deanb, and the late Mr. T. p. Eames, &c. Mr. Lionel Charles Hamilton Palairet. In Baily's Magazine a fewmonths ago we gave the portrait of the Hon. E. W. B. Portman, then master of the Taunton Vale Fox- hounds, and this month we give the portrait Verapamil Tablets of his near neighbour and friend, Mr. L. C. H. Palairet, the brilliant Somerset batsman. By birth Mr. Palairet is qualified for Lancashire, as it was at Grange-over-Sands, on May 27th, 1870, that he first saw the light. The South of England, however, has always claimed his services, his family home being in Dorset- VOL. LXXV. — NO. 495. shire, and since, in 1894, ^^ married Miss Mabel LavertOn, daughter of a very keen supporter of cricket in the West of England, Mr. Palairet has resided near Taunton, the headquarters of Verapamil 15 Gel Somerset cricket. Verapamil 40 Mg It was at Repton School that the brothers Palairet first displayed that great ability which has since made them famous cricketers ; and it is interesting to Buy Verapamil Online note how frequently at a school there will be at the same time more than one cricketer of unusual excel- 21 3i8 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Mat lence. It is true that ''one fool makes many," and it would appear that one good cricketer at a school is likely to raise the standard of merit. At Repton, in 1886, Mr. Verapamil Online F. G. J. Ford, the celebrated left- hander, was captain, and Transdermal Verapamil 15 Gel he it was who put Mr. Lionel Palairet into the Eleven, whilst the latter in turn performed a Verapamil 240 Mg Er like office in 1888 for his brother Richard and to C. B. Fry, the distinguished international player of to-day. The Rev. Arthur Forman, who has for years looked after the cricket at Repton, may well be proud of his pupils ; and in those days the annual school match against Malvern College usually resulted in a win for Repton. At the conclusion of his school career, after four years' brilliant Verapamil Er 240 service to Repton, there was a place waiting for Mr. Palairet in the Oxford Eleven, and in 1890 he was given his Blue after the second match of the season, and represented his Verapamil 180 Mg 'Varsity against Cambridge for the next four years, being captain of the Eleven in 1892-93. His first year of cap- taincy was rewarded with a vic- tory by five wickets after a splen- did match, but in 1893 Cambridge, under Mr. F. S. Jackson, proved Verapamil Gel 15 too strong for tne Dark Blues, Verapamil 15 who made but a sorry show. It was in 1890 that Mr. Lionel Palairet made his first appearance for Somerset, the county for which he has since played so splendidly ; and he lost no time in getting to work, for in his very first county match against Leices- tershire he scored an innings of 158. This was the season when Somerset, out of a card of thirteen matches, won twelve of them, and %0